Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tactical Simulation Ruleset: Core Races and Classes

Fret not good reader - I have not forsaken you. Work overload and family obligations devoured my opportunity for formulate beautiful ideas for you.

Here are the core races and classes for Tactical Simulation Rules. The typical names are listed, along with the alternate names used for some of my fantasy settings. For the core classes, some details may change to fit the Tactical Simulation Ruleset difference, but they should be recognizable in spirit to players of Gary Gygax's works:

  • Dwarf (Dvegar)
  • Elf (Alfar)
  • Hobbit (Dwarrow)
  • Half-orc (Mongrel)
  • Menfolk
  • Cleric (Priest)
  • Fighter (Warrior)
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Thief (Burglar)
  • Wizard (Magician)
  • Illusionist

Multi-classing: The follow multiclasses are available to Menfolk and any race that can qualify for both classes: cleric/fighter, fighter/thief, fighter/wizard, wizard/thief.

I'll reserve this feature for an additional supplement, but I also plan on including some branching of classes into sub-classes or variants, akin to The Magestics Wilderlands, the spirit (but not the execution) of the AD&D 2nd edition kits, or the multi-class feats of Wizards of the Coasts current ruleset. Not a feat system, per se, but a small add-on that allows some feature of another class.

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