Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Training and Gaining Levels

Upon gaining sufficient XP for a new level, the character can "immediately" roll for new hit points. All other class abilities and improvements require training.

- Training takes one week of time, regardless of level.
- The "Trainer" must be at least one level higher than the character he/she is training.
- Upon reaching "Name Level", the character must spend the same amount of time and money, but does not need a trainer.
- Training costs [Current Level x 1000 GP]. Loans can be made, and *some* trainers will accept goods or services in lieu of coins. The fee for characters reaching 2nd level is waived cause Shawn is a nice guy.
- Magic-users and Illusionists automatically gain one new spell upon completing training. This can be of any level they can cast, does not require a Spell Learning Test, does not require a fee to scribe into the spellbook, BUT must be from the Player's Handbook.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

TSR Wizard Spells, 1st Level, 1st Draft

Alarm, Armor
Burning Hands
Charm Person, Comprehend Languages
Dancing Lights, Detect Magic
Enlarge, Erase
Feather Fall, Friends
Hold Portal
Magic Missile, Melt, Message, Mount
Nystul's Magic Aura
Protection from Evil, Push
Shield, Shocking Grasp, Sleep, Spider Climb
Taunt, Tenser's Floating Disc
Unseen Servant
Wizard Mark, Write

Find Familiar
Read Magic