Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tactical Simulation Rules: Rotes

Rotes represent the tutelary incantations taught taught to Magician and other spellcasters during training sessions with their mentor and other masters. These spells and rites form the core of the magical skills during segments of the practictioners expanding knowledge and can easily be called back during times of need.

Rotes can be cast without preparation or prayer. They still expend the requisite energy of a prepared spell of the same level. If call spells of that level have been cast, the practitioner has no energy left to cast the rote. Note that rotes require the same casting time, somatic and material components, or any other requirement of a normal spell, except for the lack of preparation.

Example: Amrikol is a 3rd level magician. He therefore knows all the First and Second level rote spells. While exploring a dungeon, Amrikol and his companions run out of torches. He can cast the 1st level Rote spell "Light" by sacrificing the Sleep spell he prepared that morning. He has already cast his single prepared 2nd level spell, so he could not have cast a 2nd level Rote.

Sample 1st Level Magician Rotes: Affect Normal Fires, Detect Magic, Light, Mending, Protection from Evil, Read Magic, Shield, Ventriloquism

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