Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Training for New Levels

[Excerpt from the Tactictal Simulation Ruleset Player's Guide - also suitable for other level based roleplaying games]

  • Upon gaining sufficient XP for a new level, the character can "immediately" roll for new hit points.
  • All other class abilities and improvements require training.
  • Training takes one week of time, regardless of level.
  • The "Trainer" must be at least one level higher than the character he/she is training.
  • Upon reaching "Name Level", the character must spend the same amount of time and money, but does not need a trainer.
  • Training costs [Current Level x 1000 GP]. Loans can be made, and *some* trainers will accept goods or services in lieu of coins.
  • Magic-users and Illusionists automatically gain one new spell upon completing training. This can be of any level they can cast, does not require a Spell Learning Test, does not require a fee to scribe into the spellbook, BUT must be from the Player's Handbook.

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