Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rituals for AD&D and Tactical Simulation Ruleset


Almost any known spell can be performed in ritual form. This negates the needs for the normal method of memorization or preparation. A ritual requires three elements: time, space, and materials.

1. Time: A ritual will take 10 minutes (one turn) per level of the spell, or 6 times the normal casting length, whichever is longer. During this time the magic-user or cleric can take no other actions, just like normal spell casting.

2. Space: A ritual may require the celebrant to move in circles, make gestures, light candles, or face certain directions. 5 square feet of space per level of spell must be available and clear of obstacles or anyone not involved in the rituals. Other magic-users or clerics that know the spell may participate, but no bonus effects are granted.

3. Materials: Special materials, expended in the performance of the ritual are required. The cost of these materials is Spell Level squared x 100gp (thus 2nd level materials would cost 400 gp), and their encumbrance is equal to their cost. Ritual material have limited compatibility: they are specific to the school of magic, but can be used for rituals of a lower level. Thus a set of 3rd level Evocation ritual materials could also be used to perform 1st or 2nd level Evocation rituals, but not Necromantic rituals.

Table A1Cost MultiplierAvailable? Amount FoundTest Frequency Time to Find
Village90% 40% - 10%/level 1d4MonthlyOne hour
TownNormal55% - 5%/level1d6WeeklyOne hour/level
CityNormal100% - 5%/level 2d6WeeklyOne hour/level
Guild125%100% - 2%/level 3d6WeeklyOne hour
Wilderness10%25% - 2%/level1WeeklyOne Week

Availability of materials: Tests for the availability of materials are made on a school by school basis. You may find 2 sets of Alteration ritual materials one week, but no sets of Conjuration ritual materials. Time spent finding materials is NOT cumulative. Example: In three hours, a magic-user can make a test to find ritual materials for 3rd level spells and lower of any number of schools of magic. Acquiring materials at a Magic-User's guild requires membership in good standing. Acquiring materials in the wilderness requires an active search of a week's time.


  1. I like to give this as an option to my players and your system is very similar to the one I use. Nicely done widderslainte.

  2. Thanks! I think a couple of other people came up with similar ideas shortly after 4E was released. I wanted to give the Magic-users some activities aside from their minimal (at low levels) spell assortment, while still preserving some element of resource management. There are some good spells that would see use this way, but don't make sense if you can only prepare 2 or 3 options in advance.