Monday, July 2, 2012

Clerics, Prophets, Priests, and Wackos.

The post on clerics at Untimately reminded me of Prophets Not Clerics, which had made my mind go crazy a few weeks back. Anything with schools of the mysteries and lodges floats my boat.

PCs are "magic power-wielding" members of a church/religion and most NPC Clerics are "magic non-power-wielding" members of a church/religion. Spellcasting divine NPCs are either clerics or prophets. Priests are 0-Level guys with no spells. Maybe some bless rituals for fertility, but that's it.

The PCs aren't the Isiahs of established churches, they're the Jesus' - forming offshoot sects and being disparaged by the authorities. Even better - they're the David Koreshes, which is why you get a stronghold at 9th level. Watch out before the King's Inquisition comes after you for hoarding too many magics maces.

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