Friday, November 2, 2012

Houses of the Gygax

If you're familiar with some of the ancient history of D&D, you know that some of the regions of Blackmoor and Greyhawk were laid out through wargames, where original wargamers named, led leaders of, and fought over the lands that were later codified into maps of settings used in various supplements and books.

The combination of my current nonavailability for actual regular D&D sessions, a fondness for "domain/resource building" games, and those stories of the old days drive me to do something similar.  Here's my first brainstorm for a setting-build email game that becomes a setting for a D&D campaign, primarily using the structure of Houses of the Blooded, though I expect to steal liberally from Game of Thrones, Aria, Warhammer, and other sources as it rounds into form.

1.  Start with a copy of these for reference:

2.  Create a character with the following in mind:
A.  Pick a house, noting that Bear/Fox are non-human:

  • Bear (Strength) = Dwarf
  • Elk (Cunning) = Human
  • Falcon (Courage) = Human
  • Fox (Beauty) = Elf
  • Serpent (Wisdom) = Human
  • Wolf (Prowess) = Human
B.  Start in the Spring Season
C.  Don't worry about Aspects, just count how many you have.
D.  Skip Step 4 (Devotions)
E.  I'm making this up as I go along, so don't spend your bonus points yet.
F.  Give everyone and everyplace names.

3.  Send out a character summary  (Name, House, Province, any special) to the list so people can have you as a contact/enemy/frenemy.