Friday, November 21, 2014

Sorcerer's Helm and Magician's Blade

My peak D&D years in middle and high school coincided with my exposure to Warhammer Fantasy and Citadel miniatures.  My location in the Harrisburg, PA area made day trips down to Maryland Games Workshops stores easy day trips.  I wasn't into wargaming, but would spend an hour or two a time pouring through racks of blisters for the ideal PC/NPC/villain models.  Chaos Sorcerers were more varied (and easier to come by) than the Gandalf-sort.  I never recovered, and as a consequence all well-appointed spell casters wear helmets.

Sorcerer's Helm
XP Value: 2,000
GP Value: 5,000

The Sorcerer's helm is usually a large or ostentatious helmet, covering most or all of the face. Unlike other forms of armor, it's metal presence does not detract from spell casting or magic use (though no such guarantee exists for peripheral vision!).   It does not interfere or limit the protection of other magic items (bracers, rings, cloaks) which normally would provide protection to the sorcerer.

The standard form of the helm provides an overall +1 bonus to armor class, and an AC of 3 to attacks directed towards to the head.  It will reveal itself as magic to spells and items of detection.  Greater Helms are rumored to exist, but are strongly aligned to Law, Chaos, or Neutrality.

Magician's Blade
XP Value:  1,000
GP Value:  2,500

Any wizard or magician proficient in the use of the dagger can use one of these magical blades, which come in forms of short or broad swords, as well as rapiers.  Regardless of form they do 1d6 hit points of damage.  The weapon will detect as magic, but grants no additional bonus to hit or damage from its enchantment.  In the hands of fighters, thieves, and others proficient in the weapon it responds as if a normal sword of it's make.

It does not glow nor shed light, but can harm creatures normally immune to non-magical weapons.