Sunday, November 19, 2017

d20 Religions of Uod for your Doomed Adventurer or Agent

Roll to detemine your character's belief system:

1.  That of your lineage - roll again to determine.
2-3.  The Chlendi Spirit Host
4-5.  The Mindat Path of the White Book
6-7. One of the North Sea people's pantheons
8-9. Heteri Gods of Blood, Coal, and Horses
10. You make offerings to the large squid in the cave by the port, like all sane sailors.
11.  He has no name, but when you snort the orange powder you know his truth
12.  Member of the Sarpha Cult.
13.  Vibrationalist
14.  The Way of Flesh
15.  Eschlatli Pleasure Cult
16.  Local spirit of town, river or forest
17.  The Supreme Being, a (1-3 old man, 4-6 old woman, 7 hermaphrodite, 8 childlike neuter) in the hills beyond town
18.  A heresy of an established relgion - roll again to determine the source
19. One of your (character's) own creation
20. The Mindat Old Gods

  • Some notes to be found here:
  • There is a 5% chance that your patron god, saint, or spirit is an extra-planar or dream plane inhabitant masquerading as a your deity.  20% change the masquerader is beneficient and a 50% change that the masquerader sincerely believes itself to be the diety in question.