Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Visions of xD&D

As the "Usually Tuesday Night Landsquid Group" delved back into AD&D I had my usual series of system crunching modifications swirl in my mind. I wasted too much time reading "old school" blogs, cataloging old Dragon magazines, and bitching about the inconsistencies of OSRIC with my pretty AD&D books. I kept thinking about the good and bad of my brief dalliances with 3.0, 3.5, and 4th edition and the player's weekly complaints about the quirks, inconsistencies and organization of 1st edition. Oh, yeah, and why battle mats are better than beer. Here are my many plans:

A. Edited Version of 1.0 (Gygax) Dungeon Master's Guide

B. AD&D 1.75: Considering Unearthed Arcana as v1.5, this is my clean-up and streamlining of the 1st edition rules. Keep the guts, but make it a little more palatable to the unfamiliar and take advantages of word processing.

C. AD&D 2.01: What AD&D 2nd (and 3rd) edition should have been in my eyes. Keep races, classes, hit points, and d20 rolls to hit, but mess with all the details.

D. AD&D 5th Edition: 4th edition did a few things write, and on occasion I like a wargame or match of chess. If I can fix AD&D, I can fix this too.

E. Barbarians of Gygaxia: Dungeon crawling, treasure looting, and resource management - done rules-light and a little narrative. Taking the system of Barbarians of Lemuria and ideas from Houses of the Blooded.

For a peak on my progress, here's my Table of Contents for AD&D 2.01.

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