Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cleric - The Tactical Simulation Ruleset Way


  • Required Attributes:  None
  • Alignment Requirement: Only at 5th level of higher (See Alignment) 
  • Initial Armor Proficiency: Any
  • Allowed Weapons: club, flail, hammer, mace, oil, staff
  • Melee Attack Bonus: 1/2 Level
  • Ranged Attack Bonus: 1/3 Level
  • Thrown Attack Bonus: 1/3 Level
  • Defenses: Normal
  • Saving Throws: +3 vs Death Magic
  • Initial Hit Point Roll: D8
  • Initial Combat Proficiencies:  2
  • Class Skills:    Religion, First aid, and choice of Education or Diplomacy
  • Hit Points Gained: Levels 2-10: d8
  • Levels 11+: 2
  • Combat Proficiencies Gained: Levels 4,8,12,16,20
  • Attacks: 1
  • Class Abilities: Turn Undead, Create Scrolls, Resistance to Negative Energy, Rituals, Spell Casting, Stronghold Creation: Temple

Turn Undead: Three times per day, a cleric can attempt to Turn Undead.  They may also sacrifice an unused spell to make an additional attempt.  See Chapter XX: Combat for details on Turning Undead.

Create Scrolls: Upon reaching 4th level, the Cleric can create scrolls.  The process requires proficiency in the spell to be scribes, 100 gp pieces of materials (quills, vellum or parchment, or handcraft inks) per level of spell, as well as a full day for each level of spell.

Resistance to Negative Energy: Clerics get +3 to saving throws versus Death Magic and other negative energy attacks due to their link with the higher and lower planes.
Rituals: Clerics can learn and perform Rituals, as described in Chapter XX: Magic.

Spell Casting: Clerics are trained in the casting magic spells, the methods and restrictions of which are described in Chapter XX: Magic. Clerics gain bonus spells for wisdom scores.

Stronghold Creation: Temple:  At 9th level or higher, a cleric may establish a fortified religious structure, containing temple, church, or monastery, on land donated by a potentate allied with the cleric’s religious order.  At least 2500 square feet must be devoted to furthering the order’s aims.  While the land clearing and fortification must be funded as normal, religious aid and donations will compensate for the costs of the religious facilities.  Provided he keeps the surrounding area cleared, in order and peace, the cleric will receive 5 silver from each inhabitant per month as tithe from the fief’s tribute.


  1. Separating the attack bonuses into different melee, ranged, and thrown is an interesting approach. I don't think I've seen that before.

    1. It occurred to me after re-reading (of all things) the Cavalier entry in Unearthed Arcana.

      For most classes it will be pretty much the same, but would differentiate Rangers and Paladins (the former being better at Ranged weapons).

      And being a stickler, I should really change "melee" to "close combat" or "hand to hand".