Sunday, March 18, 2012

Combat Order and Initiative

Here's the current version of my initiative rules, largely inspired by AD&D and discussions thereof.

Combat Order and Initiative

  1. Determine Distance, if unknown, between the parties.
  2. Each side declares actions.
  3. Determine Initiative for the round by rolling a d6 for each side.
  4. Actions begin:
    1. Movement (charges, closing, attempts to flee) begins
    2. Attempts to Parley
    3. Winners: Missiles, Magical Devices, and Casting Time 1 Spells Discharge
    4. Losers: Missiles, Magical Devices and Casting Time 1 Spells Discharge
    5. Charges and closing actions complete – resolve charge attacks in the order of longest weapon
    6. Fighters with multiple attacks resolve their initial melee and hard combat attacks.
    7. Winners: Melee and hand attacks occurs
    8. Losers: Melee and hand attacks occurs
    9. Grapples and unarmed combat occurs.
    10. Remaining missile and melee attacks (for those with multiple attacks) occur.
  5. Morale is checked.
  6. Return to Step #2.

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