Friday, June 15, 2012

5E and Life Chaos

I haven't abandoned this blog.  I shifted primarily from rules work to campaign work in hopes of using my Tactical Simulation Ruleset (ridiculously rebuilt/house ruled AD&D) with a new Sandbox campaign over Skype.

Life - work, home, and toddler intervened for myself and more than one player, so we're slowing starting to regroup   I'm slowly pulling teeth.  In the midst the 5E playtest was released and one of my players has jumped on the opportunity to run a live DCC game.  I haven't run a game that lasted more than a month or two in a couple of years, so I'm dying to really DM again.

1.  I'm still looking for players for a weekly/biweekly Skype game, using something akin to AD&D (whether my house rules or not) - or 5E...

2.  I'm not sure where I stand on 5E.  It's definitely an improvement (so far) on 4th edition and many things about 3rd.  If all my friends wanted to play it, I wouldn't fuss too much.  Based on the comments and griping of the superhero-balance-Pokechess contingent, I suspect it will get worse, not better.  I can deal with Hit Dice (better than Surges, worse than my healing), but the individual initiative, stonecunning, and long rests are garbage.

Unrelated, but here's the best Orcus ever:

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