Monday, June 25, 2012

Rumors from Yrem

  1. Xagnus the Animated still roams Yrem as a ghost.
  2. Frog people to the south know a secret way into the city crypts
  3. The Statue at the City centre holds a magic sword
  4. Gebelt the Merchant Price will pay handsomely for certain styles of art
  5. The Temple of Sig is unapproachable by Demons and still has most of its loot
  6. At midnight, captured slaves from the surrounding villages are sacrificed in Executioner's Square
  7. Avoid the pit.  I don't know why, but everyone says so.
  8. A dragon sleeps trapped beneath the library, having forgotten hold to change to human form.
  9. Many have entered the dungeons beneath the Count's Palace.  No-one ever comes back.
  10. A Sphere of Eyes has blasted a cave beneath the Gardens.  He will trade secrets for good books.
  11. The Eastern Warlords are hiring.
  12. The drunken priest over at the cutthroat camp will cast blessings if you pay his tab.
  13. The Countess' troops hold the river gate. They shoot questionable folk on sight.
  14. The Black Pit isn't pleasant or cheap, but you can sleep safely there.  That cutthroat camp...
  15. A refugee family wanders the rich quarter.  They were born before the demons came.
  16. "I saw a smithy with fine swords and axes north of the market square.  Flying things came before I could pick the lock"
  17. The wizard in camp has been in the clock tower.  He says there are riches, but refuses to go back.
  18. "I saw black skinned folk beneath the cemetary.  I mean *black*. They asked about shiny glowing  rocks.  They seemed nice."
  19. One of the Eastern Warlords has brought in a renowned sage from his homeland.  On the sage's a direction, the warlord's forces are making a push to reach and stabilize the area around the Great Library.
  20. A wizard in the Black Pit encampment sells Potions of Healing
  21. Watch out for the area around the Clock Tower.  A group of explorers were found there, turned to stone, one of them clutching a crown in his hand.

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